Arboriculture Services

By studying how trees grow and responding to different environmental impacts, arboriculture cultivates and maintains trees within our landscape. To assist with this process, Arborists use such techniques as selection, planning, care, surgery and if necessary, removal. Arboriculture produces amenity trees for the benefits of mankind. Amenity trees can be found in gardens, parks and urban settings which offer cultural and natural heritage benefits beyond the use of wood for production.

At Ethic Tree Creations, we employ years of experience and training to ensure a trees life is enhanced. We look to make our customers trees aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Pruning is a horticultural and silvicultural practice involving the selective removal of certain parts of a shrub or tree, such as branches, buds, or roots. There are several benefits to pruning your trees.

Tree pruning automatically improves the health of a tree by removing any damaged, diseased or dead limbs. This not only improves the health of your tree, but also helps in eliminating potential hazards to your property. The best way to have a safe tree is to keep it well maintained.

Pruning can not only give your trees a more aesthetic appearance, it can also increase the amount of light penetration to the ground which will improve the growth of grass and gardens nearby.

More reasons to prune your trees include:

  • Reducing the potential for tree or branch danger
  • Clearance of buildings, sidewalks, roads and utilities
  • The overall health of the tree
  • Vista Pruning which enhances the view – this is often done at a cottage for a better view of the sunset, lake or general horizon.
  • Reducing shade and wind resistance
  • Overall aesthetics for your tree to keep your trees well kept and add value to your property

Utility Pruning to remove branches from trees to prevent the loss of service or damage to the lines or equipment. This can often be called “line clearing” and can be completed with the local utility provider to potentially shut down the power for the safety of everyone involved.

There are a variety of health care programs which we would be happy to educate you on and how you can give back to the environment while enhancing your property’s appeal. Contact one of our qualified technicians for more information!

After a tree has been removed, often the stump is left. What to do with it? Stump grinding will dig down deep into the soil and remove it by a sharp, rotating disc that chips away at the wood.

Consulting is a very important part of our business. It allows us to work with our clients on a daily basis to make educated and informed decisions about the maintenance, health and individual species of trees on their properties. We bring our real world experience, science based research and the latest techniques to consult on your property and treat each client individually to create a plan specifically designed for you and your trees.

Other types of consulting we may do include:

  • Tree Inventories
  • Tree Marking
  • Tree Valuations
  • Tree Preservation’s Plans
  • Tree Hazard Assessments/Risk Analysis

Storms can create havoc on your property. Ethic Tree Creations provides property cleanup services to get rid of extra brush and debris caused by a wind storm or landscape changes.

We provide lot clearing services for clients who wish to have all or some of their property cleared, typically for building. This work is conducted in the most ethical manner considering your trees, your specific needs and the environment. We work with you to decide the best method to go about clearing your property and understanding your short and long term goals.

There are a variety of ways your trees can be damaged. Insect infestation and disease are most common. We will collaborate with you and determine the state and health of your trees. In turn we will recommend the best method to eliminate the insect or disease. Typical afflictions are Emerald Ash Borer and Dutch Elm Disease.

We specialize in all different types of removals. Every tree has a life span and when it is no longer viable, it is highly recommended to remove the tree to eliminate damage and danger.

While we climb most of the trees that are in need of removal, some are too dangerous due to the serious dye back and decay. For the danger removals we use a crane to assist with this process. A crane is also helpful in small or tight spaces, such as over a fence or high above a house.

It is best to always consult a professional arborist when considering removing a tree from your property.

Why remove a tree when you can save and enrich it? Deep root fertilizing is a common process to deliver essential nutrients to trees and shrubs. When we Deep Root Fertilize, we can improve foliage density or aesthetic value of the tree or to improve fruit production. There is never a bad reason to fertilize a tree as it provides many benefits and can help a tree when it is stressed. Often a mature tree will need extra help to retrieve nutrients to grow stronger or maintain it’s overall health.

After an ice storm or wind storm, it is not uncommon to have branches hanging in trees that have broken away from the trunk. If left untreated, this can be very dangerous to both people and property. Pruning or removing parts of a tree that has been damaged by storms is essential.

Trees are not only beautiful but add financial value to your property as well. A tree appraisal can help you determine what the value of your trees are worth. The best time to do an appraisal is while the tree is still standing, however most take place after damages or the removal of a tree.

Is your tree looking limp? Leaves not as vibrant as usual? Sometimes a simple soil test will give us a lot of answers!

We pride ourselves on educating the public on how to give back to the environment. From school groups to board members, Ethic Tree Creations will help plant trees or give an educational talk on an issue you are concerned about. Let us help you reduce your carbon footprint!

Trees, shrubs, and vines are essential elements of your landscape, adding structure, texture, and color as well as establishing aesthetically pleasing focal points. Let Ethic Tree Creations work with you to create a natural work of art.